Obrint Via and Eventica have united their energy, know-how and creativity, also working side by side with our clients, to co-produce personalised events, handling all the challenges involved thanks to our exhaustive approach to organisation and production.

Our compatible skillsets enable us to be creative and to see situations from different angles: based on experience but also a fresh perspective, taking on challenges with a solution-oriented approach. Our union provides you with effective ways to reward your employees and build loyalty among your clients and distributors, strengthening bonds between individuals and the company.

Choose a change of scenery for your meetings, seminars, product launches or conventions; go for a bold, out of the ordinary location combined with flawless planning. Transport the members of your organisation to a unique, night-time world, ensuring your evening galas, closing ceremonies, product launches or other corporate celebrations are truly unforgettable.

We take care of everything, right down to the very last detail, to make sure everything goes according to plan. We keep risks to a minimum but also guarantee a fast, effective response to tackle any unforeseeable events. 

Here are just some of our latest experiences.

Pirate Casino

During an event for 1,200 people at the Maritime Museum in Barcelona, we created the entire artistic concept for a Pirate Night. Besides the different characters and acts throughout the event, we also set up a clandestine casino involving different actors and games. A total of 7 settings with actors, illusionists and period games created exclusively for this event.


During an event for 750 people at the Monumental Bullring in Barcelona, we created the Minotaur characters to welcome guests as they arrived; on stilts, the Minotaurs headed out onto the street to greet guests as they stepped off the busses. They caused such a stir they stopped the traffic on the streets outside the venue. Working with special effects make-up we can create any character!

Teaser Murder Party

A teaser video that was presented to the client the evening before the Murder Party, a teambuilding activity for a group of 220 people, involving a Cluedo-style game with 18 teams that lasted 8 hours. A general HQ was set up at the Maritime Museum where the briefing was held then the groups left with their roadbooks, discovering different areas of Barcelona such as the Gothic Quarter, El Raval and Montjuïc. Unique venues with actors, the “lost souls”, with whom participants had to interact to get more clues to find out who the murderer was and the reason for the crime.

Live Painting

We recreated a painting using an actor or model inserted into the picture. This activity can be designed as a performance on stage or as an interactive photo shoot where the actor steps out of the painting, strolls amongst the guests and invites them to take pictures. This can be adapted to any concept, recreating existing paintings or creating originals.

Vinyl Experience

Our Vinyl Experience is unique in Europe and exclusively designed for your organisation, with a show presented by one of the legendary DJs on the Barcelona scene of the 80s, 90s or 00s. A vintage format with 4 Technics turntables and the live production of megamixes of up to 4 themes simultaneously.

Let us arrange the decor and create the atmosphere. We select exceptional locations, original places designed to surprise, adapting the venue and creating original decors in keeping with each particular concept.

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Be they traditional or unusual, the ambiences and environments we offer are carefully designed to ensure they’re a perfect match for the concept you’ve planned for the evening.

We select the right ingredients and combine them with the greatest of skill so that, when the appointed time comes, the curtain goes up on an evening your team will never forget.

The Vinyl Experience show can be completed with a Themed Session by our DJ franchise, which can also be combined with a VJ.

Music genres: New Wave, Punk, Post Punk, Folk Rock, Glam Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Gothic Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Funk, Alternative, Baroque, Techno Pop, Synth Pop, EBM, Industrial and Future Pop.

Choose the one you want! We use our listening skills and creative talent to ensure success but our greatest asset is our team’s experience in organising night-time events.

Visual Drums

If music is essentially sound energy transmitted in the form of acoustic vibrations through the air … why not also transmit it visually through expanding waves of light?

The essence of this performance lies in simultaneously conveying emotions acoustically and visually, making each performance a different show that’s creative, dynamic and interactive, where improvisation and a connection with the audience give free reign to expressiveness and creativity. The result: a combination of nuances enveloped in the magic of inspiration, accompanied by the passion of rhythm … a banquet worthy of even the best musical palates.