At Obrint Via we work together with our clients, providing them with customised solutions that strengthen and stimulate the development of abilities, skills and corporate culture whilst also enhancing their enjoyment of leisure

Throughout the history of our company, which began back in 1998, our creativity and inspiration has come from the values and benefits of sport, the thrill of the outdoors and being at one with nature, along with the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of Catalonia.

Thanks to the success of each of our projects, at Obrint Via we have a multi-skilled team who are duly trained and qualified in each of the areas in question, with extensive experience, great people skills and highly committed to ensuring you get the most out of your project.

We produce great ideas, offer high quality products with a personalised service and thoroughly plan all activities to achieve optimal results every single time.

Our goal is to provide reliable, comprehensive services that break the industry’s mould, adapting to suit each particular project. We work side by side with our clients, contributing positive energy, enhancing personal growth and constantly on the lookout for new challenges – all with a cheerful, welcoming smile.

We work in numerous markets and aim to become one of the leading companies in Catalonia and beyond, capitalising on our wonderful natural heritage and geography as well as the endless cultural and leisure possibilities that surround us.

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