Our main goal is to create, design and produce unique and personalized experiences in Barcelona and New York City that will allow their guests to share, live and enjoy amazing and unique events.

Our experience in the entertainment and MICE industry (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions / Events) is the main guarantee that our clients’ events will be successful.

For more global proposals that also include inventive and team building programs since 1999, we have the collaboration of our partner Obrint Via Events, a leading company in the creation of programs and experiences for MICE tourism. With a strong element of play, our services are ideal to complement and alleviate busy schedules of conferences, congresses, fairs, international meetings …

With these programs we foster a sense of team spirit and develop and enhance our clients’ skills and competences: team cohesion, mutual understanding, communication and dialogue, coordination, speed, creativity and imagination, leadership, …

This is the approach that we use to help improve interpersonal skills, all of them related to emotional intelligence: leadership, empathy, motivation, optimism, delegation, self-confidence, compromise, …

The main goal of these activities is to create new experiences that generate a positive
and harmonious atmosphere amongst participants.

Our main aim is to experience new feelings, to have fun and, very often, to reward achievements.

The events we offer are suited to all tastes and we adapt to our clients’ specific needs.

Thinking of organising a an event?

Annual Awards Ceremony

The recognition of excellence in the services provided to the community deserves a presentation in a ceremony format. Nothing better than the conception of a sober and solvent act to thank for their dedication to the professionals who have made it possible.

When we take on this challenge, we never neglect any of the necessary steps that will be crucial in order to succeed in a day that must be remembered forever.

First, we will make ours, the goals that we intend to achieve with the ceremony, so that we can begin to think of all the actions that will be needed and all the details that we can not neglect.

We will need to do a good study of the budget so that we can adjust to the real possibilities while always maintaining quality standards of excellence. Often, money is not everything, and what really matters is the ideas and creative ability of the production team to put it into practice so that they don’t leave anyone indifferent. And in this line we will study the best options to determine the most ideal place, to decide the type of decoration, to propose activities or entertainment dynamics and to have the most appropriate speakers. All this without neglecting the possibility of including food and drinks.
When proposing the venue, we will also take into account the “surprise” factor as these types of events are always very exciting and often with a “glamour” that surely arouses the interest of all the guests. Along these lines, the proposal of creative and spectacular lighting, combined with the wardrobe and the characterization of the staff involved, will help to transform the space completely.

We will make sure the space is logistically practical and offers great acoustics.

Of vital importance is the music we propose as this will have a great impact and will help to create a magical and very special atmosphere. From this music, which can also be live, we can introduce the speakers, announce the winners, …, and also accompany the most relaxed moments of the ceremony, such as the toast time!

Apart from the awards ceremony, your ceremony may also incorporate some additional surprise attractions to ensure the entertainment of all the participants. In this section and with the collaboration of our Partner Obrint Via our proposals can be very diverse and highly motivating. And if you consider too, we can also include personalized gifts for all attendees.

The guests and attendees will certainly want to be part of the show. Then we will make sure they have it and are involved! Music, light, projections and everything that technology allows us (like holograms) will be options to explore to make yours an unforgettable ceremony. We want you to have the audience on the edge of their seats!
Like this and apart from a magnificent “soundtrack”, in order to make this possible we can also incorporate all kinds of artists with a highly contrasted experience and reputation.

Your next Annual Awards Ceremony can’t wait any longer! Do we start designing it?

Information sources:
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“Catalan Day of Private Security 2019”

Gala Dinner

A gala dinner is usually the culmination of a congress, a convention of a few days, or any other corporate event.

Once you have chosen the restaurant or the unique venue to host the Gala Dinner, we will have to decide whether to prioritize an informal or elegant format. And with this decision we will start thinking about how to take care of all the details.

And that means thinking from the type of furniture to decoration designed to the millimeter with, for example, a photocall, plants, water fountains, paintings, projections, curtains, …, to spectacular ambient lighting, going through textiles and accessories such as table numbering, decorative centers, …, which will play a crucial role, completing it with glassware and crockery.

For the optimum development of the event we will also have established the protocol that contemplates possible presentations, speeches, projections, delivery of prizes, … and even, as a surprise factor, the presentation of shows of different formats with the participation of artists such as magicians-illusionists, humorists, dancers, gymnasts, balancers, swimmers of artistic swimming, clowns, …

The evening will begin with a welcome cocktail and then proceed to dinner. At the end of the dinner, and if it has been agreed, the participants will also be able to enjoy a party tailor made to make this an unforgettable experience. A party like the ones we propose on our page (link Private Party) ..

To organize the Gala Dinner, our production team can coordinate with the Hotel or Restaurant Staff that you have chosen, and if you are thinking of a Venue, here are some of the best options in Barcelona and New York City.





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Dinner at the MNAC on the occasion of the PIMES Awards 2019 Gala where sustainable clothing designer Sylvia Calvo presented her “Barcelona I love you” parade with the soundtrack of DJ Jordi Caballé. The event was chaired by the Molt Honorable President of the Generalitat de Catalunya Quim Torra and for much of the Government, and that was presented by the renowned TV3 journalist Ariadna Oltra.

Private Party

Few things are more special than a private party!
Often these parties are organized to commemorate a great personal or corporate event, to surprise someone who deserves all our recognition and esteem, and whatever the reason, we will celebrate them to enjoy with family and friends, with colleagues from work, with members of the club or the sports entity of our life, with members of the cultural or social association for which we unite all of our efforts to share its concerns, …

Personalized parties for La Castanyada, Halloween, Thanksgiving, XMAS, New Year’s Eve, Carnival, Sant Jordi, Sant Joan, …, and any date of the year.

Themed parties with characterizations such as Happy’s 80’s, Grease, Hawaiian, Hippie, Ibiza, Comics, Cartoons, Colors, Universe, Pirates of the Caribbean, Explorers, Star Wars, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, …

To make your private parties even more special and unique, we can incorporate small format Tribute Concerts to U2, Queen, Abba, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis, …, and different format Shows with the participation of artists such as magicians-illusionists, humorists, dancers, gymnasts, balancers, swimmers of artistic swimming, clowns, …

Music genres to choose from and mix: Pop, Pop-Rock, Indie-Pop, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Folck-Rock, Glam-Rock, New Wave, Post-Punk, Synth, Synth-Pop, Future- Pop, EBM, Industrial, Techno-Pop and Alternative.

We propose you some of the most unique spaces in Barcelona and New York City and take care of all the details to make yours a unique and memorable party!

Some Clubs or Venues



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Music Menu

Music is a fundamental element in our lives. It accompanies us in every lived moment or in certain memories that come to our minds. That is why music in restaurants is so important.

The gastronomic taste and the musical atmosphere are completely compatible activities. So music can help make your dining experience more enjoyable. Given that you go to restaurants to eat, the music will serve us as atmosphere, to reduce the discomfort of the silence, to give warmth and also a certain spell.

Then you have to bet for a volume that does not overly distract the customer’s attention and does not pose a threat to the proper flow of the conversations, and in this way the music can even affect the taste and the appetite of the customers, even helping them to consume even more.

We can not ignore that there are many moments that we can only remember because of the music that accompanied them.

Celestino Martínez, marketing expert, summarizes in 3 points the effects that music has on people:

It is mood-inducing, so we relate tunes to memories or lived experiences.
The rhythms of music change the behavior. For example, fast food chains like Burger King, when the premises are very full, they change the music at a faster rate to get their customers to eat faster and thus leave room for those who are waiting.
Certain musical styles facilitate conversation and intimacy.

The important thing is that the music blends in with the culinary act and doesn’t suppose any interference, or even worse, any discomfort.

We will design your Music Menu with a large selection of music and a wide repertoire to achieve the atmosphere that best suits your audience, and also your brand identity.

Source of information:
Music for restaurants: why is it so important? Original Music 
Music: the great contribution to your premises Original Music

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DJ Fashion Store

In fashion stores, music is a genuine marketing tool that directly influences customer behavior.

Music always influences our emotional state and it is shown that when we listen to a song we like, we change our mood, motivating ourselves and causing us to have a better time. There are even studies that show that very rhythmic music and a certain volume causes the consumer to make purchases in a more compulsive way.

But to select the music of a fashion store it will be necessary to know the targeted audience.

In fact, as early as 1928, the company Muzak pioneered the commercialization of soundtracks for establishments, as they realized the influence of music on work environments and customer behavior. So now music is a very common item in many stores, and it is even strange to go into a shop with a quiet atmosphere.

Music has become a real brand building tool so we can talk about …

Music as a brand communication tool.
As an emotional element, music defines an identity and the perception that customers have of the brand. Absence of music or music that does not fit corporate branding can cause the customer to misunderstand the brand. Then we are talking about audio branding. So if we want the client to improve their engagement with the brand it will be vital that the client identifies with the music he hears. Music will become a tool to define your brand in those places where direct customer contact is made, where the customer will make the purchase decision and where the emotional factor is decisive.

Brands with music that fits their identity are 96% more remembered. North, Hargreaves & McKendrick, 1999.
If they like the music, 67% of customers will find the establishment more modern. Critical Vision, 2012.
Up to 41% of customers find that silence in a shop is negative. RED, 2013.
99% of retail workers believe that music in establishments make them more attractive. RED, 2013.


Music to improve productivity

As an emotional element, music can also improve the mood of workers. A worker who feels happier in the workplace will be more productive. Music will create a more relaxed work environment and help reduce stress.

88% of workers were more efficient at listening to music. Critical Vision, 2012.
85% of workers think that music improves the work environment. Critical Vision, 2012.
71% of workers prefer to work with music. Critical Vision, 2012.
74% of workers who enjoy music enjoy the work more. Critical Vision, 2012.


Music to increase sales

Music will help the customer to feel more comfortable in the store, spend more time in it, and then it will also increase their likelihood of buying. According to a study by Nort, Hargreves and Mckendrick (1999) typical French and German music was used on alternate days at the wine on offer counters of a shop. During the days of French music, French wine sales increased by a 3 to 1 ratio with German wine. Whereas, when German music was played, German wine sales increased by 2 to 1 with respect to French wine.
If they like music 35% of customers will stay in the store longer. Uncovering a musical myth, Heartbeats international, 2011.
If they like the music of the store, 14% of customers will buy more. Uncovering a musical myth, Heartbeats international, 2011.

We will select and produce the necessary Music to enhance the personality of your brand and to accompany and further loyalty your valued customers!

Information sources:
Uncovering a musical myth Heartbeats International, 2011 
Benefits of music. SGAE-AGEDI 
The 3 great benefits of music in stores
Music to encourage sales 


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Vinyl Experience

Our Vinyl Experience is unique in Europe and exclusively designed for your organisation, with a show presented by one of the legendary DJs on the Barcelona scene of the 80s, 90s or 00s. A vintage format with 4 Technics turntables and the live production of megamixes of up to 4 themes simultaneously.

Let us arrange the decor and create the atmosphere. We select exceptional locations, original places designed to surprise, adapting the venue and creating original decors in keeping with each particular concept.

Be they traditional or unusual, the ambiences and environments we offer are carefully designed to ensure they’re a perfect match for the concept you’ve planned for the evening.
We select the right ingredients and combine them with the greatest of skill so that, when the appointed time comes, the curtain goes up on an evening your team will never forget.
The Vinyl Experience show can be completed with a Themed Session by our DJ franchise, which can also be combined with a VJ.

Music genres: New Wave, Punk, Post-Punk, Folk-Rock, Glam-Rock, Classic-Rock, Hard-Rock, Pop-Rock, Gothic-Rock, Indie-Rock, Indie-Pop, Funk, Alternative, Baroque, Techno-Pop, Dance, Synth-Pop, EBM, Industrial and Future-Pop.

Choose the one you want! We use our listening skills and creative talent to ensure success but our greatest asset is our team’s experience in organising night-time events.

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Visual Drums

Neo M

Submerging the audience into a universe of Emotions, connecting with them, transmitting … essentially Feeling. Generating a complete interaction that allows you to see in their expressions how something that you are creating travels through space and time, to be reflected in their bodies as sensations of pleasure. Observing how these Emotions are transmitted from the artist to the listener, watcher and perceiver, turning the latter into an artist of the appreciation, into an ethereal extension of that time flash that unites both in one.

“Laughing, feeling, crying, moving, shaking, being transported for an instant to an intangible World, into an eclectic universe of sensations, into an amalgam of feelings”.

With these words you could summarize Neo M’s heterogeneous, universal and emotional perspective on art, whose philosophy rises from the total and absolute conviction of firmly believing in everything he does.

Things are impossible until they’re not (Jean-Luc Picard).

Musician, producer, writer, telecommunications engineer and master in digital audio-visual production and communication. Surrounded by music since 6 years old, music activities and productions realized by Neo M involve all kind of styles, from Rock to Jazz, including R&B, Funk, Pop, House, Dance, Soul, Fusion, Techno-Pop, Synthpop, Future-Pop … and always leaving an open door to any style to be discovered or developed.

All these influences can be perceived in his musical expression and creativity, present in each one of his songs, in which may be found all this years of musical activity, in front of more than 70 bands and musical projects of different styles that have led him to forge and build up his simultaneously compact, creative and heterogeneous sound.

Currently, Neo M is focusing his main activity in production and performance in electronic rock pop band Kings of Cydonia and his independent project as solo artist Visual Drums.

“The Visual Music Revolution”
Among several bands as performer and music producer, Neo M sets up in 2010 an independent project as solo artist which implements an innovative principle:
“If music is essentially sound energy transmitted in the form of acoustic vibrations through the air… why not also transmit it visually through light expansion waves?”

The essence of the performance is to communicate emotions in an acoustic and visual way simultaneously, converting each act into a different, creative, dynamic and interactive show, where improvisation and connection with the audience lead to absolute freedom for expressivity and creativity. The result: a mixture of nuances wrapped in the magic of inspiration, accompanied by the passion of rhythm… a banquet worthy of the best musical palates.

Within the reputed clubs and concert halls that have scheduled Visual Drums’s performances may be found Pacha La Pineda, Pacha Barcelona, Millennium, Shoko, Sotavento Beach Club, Sala Bikini, City Hall, Eibisí Granollers, Silenci Manresa, Shiva Club, Cocoa Mataró, Menfis Manresa, Up&Down, Larida, La Cova, Nick Havanna, Okey, Four Elements, Vinizius, El Sielu, Music Room Hotel Cochambre, Mary’s Place and Oshum Club.

Jordi Caballé & Neo M fusion to present a Live DJ Set in a unique Visual Drums format.

R&B, Funk, Pop, House, Dance, Soul, Fusion, Techno-Pop, Synth-Pop, Future-Pop

To determine according to the chosen musical genres.

DJ Jordi Caballé
Neo M

Between 2 and 3 hours


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