• Client: GAES

  • Programmes: Outddoor Training / Team Building

  • Locations:

    – Osona
    – Vallès Oriental
    – La Garrotxa
    – El Pla de l’Estany
    – L’Alt Penedès
    – Garraf
    – Barcelona Ciutat

  • Participants: between 20 and 35 per programme

  • From: Spain


Since 2006, every year we’ve worked side by side with the HR and Training departments of GAES to co-produce and run Outdoor Training programmes adapted to each of its departments: Marketing and Sales, Finance, Customised Product, Study & Research Centre, Medical, Audiology and Quality, Logistics, Administration, Computing, R&D and Implants.

Some of the goals of the different programmes that have been successfully achieved are as follows:

  • Provide potentially stimulating situations to encourage a change in attitude and make the team more cohesive.
  • Promote communication and teamwork.
  • Enhance leadership and the ability to delegate responsibilities and empowerment skills.
  • Strengthen the concept of ongoing improvement and quality at work in all the company’s processes.
  • Reduce stress at work and conflict between participants and groups.
  • Improve decision-making in pressurised situations and during change.
  • Motivate participants in their commitment to their everyday work.

For Obrint Via, the challenges posed by GAES help us to constantly update our training experiences and Outdoor/Indoor Training programmes, using an approach that ensures corporate education becomes a complete experience based on entirely hands-on learning.

Working together with the company’s HR and Training departments, adapting to the company’s situation and goals, we propose a realistic series of activities from which conclusions can be drawn that will help participants to improve, both in personal and professional terms.

All our programmes are designed and run by interdisciplinary professionals with extensive experience in teaching.