• Client: IKEA Sabadell

  • Programmes:  Indoor/Outdoor Training

  • Locations: La Granja / IKEA Sabadell

  • Participants: 80 per programme

  • From: Catalunya


Building human towers is one of the best possible examples of the value of teamwork and is ideal for developing corporate values. As a warm-up, participants watched a motivational video about human towers or “castells”, the origins of this practice and its deep roots in Catalan culture and tradition.

One fundamental feature of “castells” is that everyone has a role to play in the group and consequently no-one feels left out.

After forming a group and appointing a leader or “capataz”, participants started to practise building castles under the constant supervision and direction of our expert “castellers”.

Participants were taught and then practised all the positions of the base or “piña”, essential to ensure the tower is stable and successful.

Participants then put on the characteristic cummerbunds or “fajas” and learned the techniques involved in building and dismantling castles. Finally, with the participation of all the members of the group, they built their own towers. We’re all ONE!

This was all carried out accompanied by the sound of the typical wind instrument, the “gralla”, and traditional drums, used to indicate to the people in the base and trunk of the tower how its construction is progressing. The music helps “castellers” to know when the tower has begun, if the construction is going slowly, once it has reached the top and, finally, if it has been successfully dismantled.

During this magnificent experience, and similar to their everyday work, participants were able to implement those skills that are vital for success in business: initiative, trust, commitment, flexibility, communication and concentration.

At the end of the experience participants were given a kerchief and cummerbund, essential elements in the “casteller” culture.

The second experience at the same facilities of IKEA Sabadell was particularly exciting, when the workers appointed Mikael Ohlsson as their “capataz”, the former world president of IKEA after 34 years in the firm. We’re convinced the “casteller” experience was also unique and exciting for Mikael Ohlsson and we wish him good luck and great success in his next venture!